Von Zane Dogo (Aka "Zeus") is truly one of the strongest temperamented Rottweilers I have seen or worked in many, many years.  He is serious on the highest level both being very civil in his aggression as well as stimulus and handler hard.  He is not a dog for the faint hearted.  Anyone who is serious about working dogs should look at including such a dog in their pedigrees. People are free to come and work Zeus and see truly what he is made of.

Zeus is a Von Zane Kyle son and shows the strength of working ability seen in his father and Grand Father (Siegertal Hero) as well as possesing a head piece and body known from such lines.  He is extremely strong in the body making him capable of working at the highest levels in the most serious of platforms.  He has a powerful head with heavy bone with an muscular frame.  Beautiful mouth and eye color with a strong top line.

Zeus's Dam was 
 Hausemehr Carmen who is an Utz vom Hasue Miles daughter over a Graf vom Grutenblick line bred bitch.  So it is not difficult to see where Zeus gets his power from when you combine his sire and dam's lines.  There are too many famous working Rottweilers in this pedigree to mention and anyone knowledgeable in such things will see how strongly this pedigree goes back to the old working lines of dogs like Ives Eulenspiegel, arguably the greatest Rottweiler ever produced.