Vontama fighter was a very solidly built Dark Sable bitch.  She possed great movement with real size.  She was even at a young age naturally territorial and shows strength of a vaslty more mature dog.  When you look at her pedigree you can see why.  Fighter was a daughter of Vantama Bravo, a dog well known to many working dog people espeically those familiar with the Queensland Police forces.  She was line bred on to Vonhargadain Banshee who of course goes back to Asa vom Haus Gebets and Gina vom Wimbachtal.  She was also line bred onto Fax vom Grenzganger both through Bravo and the great Raennik Aiko who is not only a Police Cert dog and a Fax son but through Vonforell Amber also adds to the gene pool the great Stormfronts Brawnson and Bella vom Rosenzweig.  Unfortunatly whilst exercising recently Fighter came across a snake and due to her drive and desire went to take a "look" and was subsiquently killed.  This is a great shame to us as we truly were looking forward to what she grew into.  She truly had real strength.