I cannot describe how important "Tess" has been to our breeding program.  If there is a bitch with the ultimate Rottweiler temperament, she is it.  Tess was a very large bitch (48kgs) who had confirmation to die for.  She was quicker than most males over ground and was naturally a very strong, active aggressive, territorial bitch with incredible bite strength, who also possessed a gentleness of temperament not seen in many dogs of her type.  Tess was incredibly gentle with children but possessed a power in her work I have seen in only one other bitch of any breed.  She is the only bitch of any breed I have felt comfortable with working in a high level security setting.  Yet I had no trouble having her around any and all family members, strangers etc.  She had incredible brain mobility being able to go from on in her work with incredible power to being petted by the same person in seconds with little formal training to do so. She was simply all that a Rottweiler should be. 

Tess was our number one brood bitch for many, many years and is one of the largest contributing factors to our success in breeding working dogs.  She has thrown her power into many of her off spring.  She was a great mother who had very large litters and who needed almost no assistance in raising them.  Her largest litter was 14 pups with all surviving.  

In the future we will be seeking to line breed back to Tess who passed away a few years back.  We do this as she goes back to the old blood lines of Graf/Felix/Jupp so strongly.  These being the lines regarded above all others for producing power in the Rottweiler. Tess also had 0,0 hips and produced a number of dogs with similar low hip and elbow scores.  We hope to hit onto this also when we breed back to her.

Most of the photos shown here is of Tess at 8 years & older.