Von Zane Lfrauline is a pure black female who is a pure joy to live with. She is territorial but adores being part of a family. She is incredibly to loving to children and other dogs.  She is very powerful in her movement possessing the strong rear end her pedigree is known for.  Another one of our bitches to live offsite with a family.

Lfrauline is a Von Zane Drex daughter who is the pick male from our "D" litter who we imported in utero when we imported Amagers Aisa BHP3 who had been mated to V Hjalter von der Konigswiese PH - V Kkl 1.  Drex has been a great producer for is producing not only dogs like Von Zane Lfrauline but also Von Zane Ike.

Lfrauline is also a daughter from Von Zane Czena who is a Yultzen Adulf and Regalhaus Yana daughter who for anyone in the working dog world needs no introduction.  It is the base litter for our kennel and one we rate extremely highly.