If there is a dog that is perfect for all of us then this is mine.  Kyle is owned by Michael, our head trainer, and he has shown himself to be one of the best temperamented dogs we have ever seen.  He has worked in the highest levels of the security industry and has never let us down as well as doing work in Schools, on TV and Movies, in obedience and puppy classes (I would not be able to count how many puppy classes Kyle has attended but it would be well into the hundreds) as well as doing some work with Autistic children.  In doing all these things he has never put a foot wrong showing real kindness to children but true strength when he has needed it.

Kyle is a mid sized male (48kgs) that has a great head, strong neck and forchest with a very muscular frame.  He is a very athletic dog who even at Ten years of age shows overall good health with a real zest for life.  He is still very enthusiastic for work as well as play.  His greatest asset without question is his temperament.  He is a very high drive male with fantastic nerve development which he has shown during many occasions in his working life having been worked by both Stewart Hilliard and Lance Collins as well in TV roles such as "Fear Factor" ( He has also been seen in "Blue Heelers", "Stingers" as well as many commercials and small movie roles).  Yet he is an extremely outwardly social dog who is very gentle and tolerant with children (just like his sire and dam) but is naturally protective of the property.

Kyle's sire is Siegertal Hero who you can also see in our Males page and his Dam is Von Zennith Contesse who you can read about in our females page.  He is also the sire of our "D" litter one of which is the sire to our recent litter in Von Zane Dogo where he has shown that he throws his power into his offspring.  We also hope to breed Kyle one more time with Von Zane Bella which will be a tight line breeding onto Von Zennith Contesse.  These pups will only be available to experienced working homes.