Von Zane Egor would have to be one of the nicest put together Rottweilers I have seen.  He is a large male (57kgs) and posses power mixed with incredable athleticism.  He is very strong in the top line, has a great head piece, heavy bone, deep and broad in chest with rich dark markings and dark mouth.  He has beautiful movement with huge power both front and back.  The photos below are the first to truly show Egor's incredable chest depth and spread.  


He is powerful and civil in his work showing a very nice balance between defense and prey and can switch easily between them.  He targets purely the man and is incredably strong and physical in the work. He is naturally territorial and protective of his direct family. He has very much followed on from his father in both working ability and conformation making him a very serious contender during work. He also shows real calmness in his temperament and is gentle to both children and young puppies.  


                      This photo shows Egor's true color.  

Egor is a son from the last litter Siegertal Hero sired at the ripe old age of twelve and carries the same genetic strength we have had from others dogs of this line, which is little wonder when you take a good look at this pedigree. Egor's Dam in Von Zane Clover who produced herself in many of these pups bringing through Utz vom Hause Miles heavy bone and substance as well as keeping the power we so seek in our dogs and further strengthening this power through Graf vom Grutenblick and Felix vom Madgeberg.  Clover is a Von Zennith Contesse daughter and has produced many pups that show the power this bitch possed and through into her progeny.