Von Zane Bella (AKA "Ella") is a small to medium compact bitch who has great conformation. She has the tightest feet of any Rott I have seen. She posses truly incredable drive and when mixed with her conformation makes her a bitch that doesn't stop.  She is a very nice bitch who posses real power when pushed and a desire to work higher than most males as well as having a muscle density most males would die for.  Even at six years old she has an incredable zest for life. She is one of, if not the, best dog I have seen when it comes to children.  Ella will go anywhere kids are and is happiest when sorrounded by them.  

Ella is an Utz vom Hause Miles and Von Zennith Contesse daughter so it is not surprising she has taken on the qualities she has.  She is truly a joy to spend time with and watch work.  

We hope to breed Ella soon to Von Zane Kyle to tightly line breed back to Von Zennith Contesse.  If this mating occurs these pups will go to experienced working homes only as these two high drive, strong working dogs breeding back to Tess should produce true power whilst setting Geno and Pheno type that should hold for future matings.