What can you say about the great "Siegertal Hero".  Hero died only a short time back at the ripe old age of 14 years and 8 months and remained primarily healthy until the end.  He was a dog of great calmness who also possed high drive and incredable defensive strength.  He was a very large male with a huge neck and shoulders, who knew how to use it.  He was a dog easy to train who possed both a degree of handler hardness and directability making him forgiving of your mistakes but easy to handle and train.  This was never more apparent than when he appeared on such TV shows as "Dog Women", "Fear Factor", "Blue Heelers" and "Stingers".  He was truly gentle with Children and was quick to defend them if needed.  

Hero had and Produced into his offspring incredable nerve threshold.  In my time of knowing the dog I never truly saw a fear responce from him.  Little in this world really caused Hero a concern.  This is what made him so sound.

Hero sired only two litters for us and I now consider that to be far too few.  Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. However thankfully his last litter was sired when he was twelve years old with Von Zane Clover who produced 8 lovely pups, who like in Hero's first litter with Von Zennith Contesse, continue to show his true calmness and nerve with good drive levels and his defensive strength. We have kept to breed off both a Male and a Female from this litter and another female is now owned by a Former Predident of the Victorian Rottweiler Club who has stated "that she has never seen a temperament like this one".  His first litter is still considered one of his best.  It produced many great pups with even the smallest female successfully doing security work in Queensland.  Pick male from this litter was Von Zane Kyle who many in the working Rottweiler world know well.  He has shown his qualtiy both in what he has sired as well when being worked by such world famous trainers as "Dr Stewart Hilliard" and "Lance Collins".