Regalhaus Ramona was a very large substantial bitch who posses real temperament power, true strong civil aggression as well as being a bitch that was very easy to handle as she posses great working drives including a desire to work with you.  Ramona was one of the largest German Shepherd Dog bitches I have known in some time, she had an incredable head piece with a huge forechest and depth of chest.  This is hardly surprising once you look at her pedigree.  It is full of the old strong dogs of old being line bred (through Security Lex and Security Ixoye Orca) back to Security Pekahiah (AKA Norse), probably the most famous working GSD and GSD producer ever seen in Australia.  She also brings in dogs like Gento vom Haus Larwin and Buennen Katrina through the well known P litter is Von Forell. She has carried forward the traits synonymous with such a gene pool.