Regalhaus Jurlique is a large black and tan female. She is a very sound female very confident in her abilities.  She is a very easy female to own and one who is truly enjoyable to spend time with. She has one of the most powerful rears we have seen on a female.  She lives with a family and is extremely affectionate with her clan.  We will have more photos soon.

Jurlique's sire is Orfi z Jirkova Dvora b who is a Czech import that came in a few years back. He is a dog well known in working dog circles.  Her Dam is Regalhaus Fina from the well known regalhaus "F" Litter whos was produced from frozen semen from Security Lex.  One of Australia's most famous German Shepherd Dogs. He was an extremely powerful dog.  

Jurlique as a very impressive pedigree and we hope she produces will with our stock that also posses old Victorian Lines within their pedigrees.  Fingers Crossed.