Hausemehr Carmen (AKA "Shakirra") was a mid sized bitch (46kgs) with great bone and substance who moved incredably well and who possesed a lovely balanced working temperament.  She was a high drive bitch with very sound nerves who was not rattled easily.  She was calm when needed but could work all day.  Unfortunatly Shakirra died prematurely and only got a produce one litter (with Von Zane Kyle), however this litter has become very well known for it's drive and power which can be very well seen in Von Zane Dogo, one of the strongest dogs we have seen in many years.  

Shakirra was an Utz vom Hause Miles daughter and showed the bone and muscle density this dog is known for.  She was incredably body strong, showing both great athletism, agility and stamina.  She further past this to her pups.  On her Dam's side she is line bred onto the great Graf vom Gruntenblick and Felix vom Madgeberg.  Her dam was a very nice working bitch and she certainly passed this onto her offspring.

As well as owning Shakirra we also bred from her direct brother in Hausemehr Cadmus.  A dog that showed great power and produced well for us (he is the sire to our "C" Litter which includes "Von Zane Clover").