There are two males available for this litter.

The first is a large sable male that will be suitable for family guardian/pet home.  He is very calm and will look a lot like the sire (Von Zane Kjett).  He really is a lovely dog and will suit a family home.  The only reason we still have him is that his tesitcles have not descended yet.  He is on medication to help this occur at the moment.  Call us and I will discuss what this means for him in the future.

The second is also a sable male and he will suit someone seeking a working pup.  He is extremely strong in his temperament and will require an experienced handler who understands such a pup.  Again please feel free to call us to discuss this pup. 

On Saturday the 8th of Sept 2018 Regalhaus Jurlique gave birth to 5 puppies (1f, 5m) to Von Zane Kjett.  Two pups are Black and Tan and the rest are dark sable.  These pups are very physically large with 3 males suitable for pet homes and one male and one female that will be suitable for a person seeking a stronger working dog or potential breeder. 

Regalhaus Jurlique is a large black and tan female. She is a very sound female very confident in her abilities.  She is a very easy female to own and one who is truly enjoyable to spend time with. She has one of the most powerful rears we have seen on a female.  She lives with a family and is extremely affectionate with her clan.  We will have more photos soon. Jurlique's sire is Orfi z Jirkova Dvora b who is a Czech import that came in a few years back. He is a dog well known in working dog circles.  Her Dam is Regalhaus Fina from the well known regalhaus "F" Litter whos was produced from frozen semen from Security Lex.  One of Australia's most famous German Shepherd Dogs. He was an extremely powerful dog. 

Von Zane Kjett is a very large (50kgs trim) dark sable male that is extremely strong in his working ability.  He is an extremely strong dog both in temperament and structure.  He is the largest GSD we have ever bred and one of the few truly large males we have seen that still moves extremely well and covers ground extremely quickly.  He possess the movement his dam is noted for. Kjett's sire is Von Zane Apheonix who is our top producer and Kjett is his best son.  If you'd like to see more on Apheonix see him on his page.

Jett's dam is our German Import Cleo vom Siegerblut.  She is a once in a life time bitch and one that has done so much for our breeding stock.  Kjett is her number off offspring.

All our pups are raised in a high stimuli environment and will be temperament tested at aprox 6 weeks of age to determine their potential for being either a working dog suitable for the highest levels of Govt or security etc or if they will be more suited for a pet or family guardian temperament type.   All pups come vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, vet checked, a full information pack, have health guarantees and include back up support including training.  953010003200972, 953010003200870, 953010003200967, 953010003206259, 953010003202246