All pups Sold

On Saturday the 8th of Feb 2018 Von Zane Fkai gave birth to 4 puppies (1m, 3f) to Von Zane Apheonix.  All pups are Dark Sable in colour. One pet suitable female is available.  She shows an extremely friendly temperament that is easy to handle, confident and calm and very affectionate.  A really nice pet/family guardian. If you are seeking a family pet her temperament tests have shown she has great potential for such a home. 

Von Zane Fkai is a very large sable pick female from our "F" litter that was imported in Utero in Cleo vom Siegerblut BH who was mated to Kliff vom Erlenbusch before being imported and gave birth to 5 puppies in Aust.  Kai is the pick female and a female of great working strength and who posses great size like her mother.  She is a super impressive bitch with real presence who has produced exceptionally well for us.  We have had great success with the combination of the "F" litter and Von Zane Apheonix. 

Von Zane Apheonix is pick male from our A GSD litter and is a dog that has exceeded all expectation.  He is the male running at the camera on our heading as well as the two shots of him as a puppy (the black and tan pups).  Phoenix is a large black and tan male weighting aprox 45kgs, trim.  He is a very physically powerful dog with one of the strongest rears we have ever seen in a GSD.  Phoenix's boning is exceptional and he has produced this boning in almost all his offspring.  Phoenix is also one of the strongest temperamented dogs we have ever seen.  He is extremely powerful in his work and has been tested by many of the top trainers and Government Agencies in Australia.   A real working German Shepherd Dog.

All our pups are raised in a high stimuli environment and will be temperament tested at aprox 6 weeks of age to determine their potential for being either a working dog suitable for the highest levels of Govt or security etc or if they will be more suited for a pet or family guardian temperament type.   All pups come vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, vet checked, a full information pack, have health guarantees and include back up support including training.  953010002283865.