Von Zane Kennels is pleased to announce that we currently have two German Shepherd Litters at this time.  

On 29th of January 2019 Von Zane Lfrauline gave birth to 5 pups (3m, 2f) from Von Zane Kjett.  This is a repeat of our AA litter, a litter we regard as the most successful litter we have had in the last 5 years.  This litter produced dogs such as Von Zane Aajenko, AaMaxx, as well as AaBlaze.  The success of this litter has led us to repeat this litter and in all likelihood we will seek to repeat this litter again.  These pups show similar type to the Aa litter.  They are very solid pups with great boning and show that they again will be very large pups as the Aa litter has grown into.  Most males from the Aa litter have grown to be well over the 45kgs mark and the females will over 40kgs.  The Aa litter has shown great movement even with this size with Aablaze being one of the best moving dogs we have ever produced.  She is very thick with great boning but is light on her feet.  She has an incredible hip score of 1,1 and 0,0 elbows.  The offspring from the Aa litter show very balanced temperaments where the dogs are very calm and outwardly friendly with people introduced yet are very good family guardians.  

On the 26th of January 2019 Von Zane Aablaze gave birth to 4 pups (3m, 1F) from Von Zane Apheonix.  This is a line breeding on Von Zane Apheonix.  As stated above Von Zane Aablaze is the pick female from our Aa litter and is one of the greatest bitches we have ever produced.  She is an exceptional bitch.  Von Zane Aphoenix is also one of the greatest dogs we have ever bred as well as being a dog that has produced extremely well for us.  So many of aphoenix offspring have gone on to work at the highest levels in Aust.  This is a litter we are very excited by.  The pups so far are showing great size with heavy bones and are very compact just like their sire.  

All our pups are old style flat backed working German Shepherd Dogs.  We breed for a dog capable of working at the highest levels.  We breed for temperament strength and soundness above all else.  All pups come vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed, pedigree papers, a full information pack, health checked with health guarantees as well as back up support including training. 

Please note that at this stage we are only taking expressions of interest in these litters as they are only 4 weeks of age and thus we are unable to accurately predict the pups temperaments.  For those that don't know us well we do not assign pups to customers at birth but rather we wait until we have temperament tested the pups at aprox 6 weeks of age and then assign them to either working or pet homes and then we try to match up the pet suitable pups to the owner as closely as possible.  

Pups are currently too young to microchip and we have a certificate from a vet stating this. 

Please contact Dogs Vic on email: office@dogsvictoria.org.au to verify my membership

First photos are of Von Zane Kjett x Von Zane Lfrauline and the AA litter pups.

Second photos are of Von Zane Aphoenix and Von Zane Aablaze and pups from the current litter. More Photos to come.