Cleo vom Siegerblut BH is a 3 year old, large boned Dark Sable Working German Shepherd bitch we imported from Germany from the "vom Siegerblut" kennels, a kennel well known for producing strong working dogs.  She is one of the last daughters of the great V Karn vom Fegelhof SCHH3 (SG-BSP), IP3 Kkl 1.  A dog known for producing real strength into his offspring.  If you do not know Karn it will be worth you taking your time to find out about him and what he has produced. We have searched long and hard to find offspring from him and we are very pleased to have found Cleo.  Cleo's Dam is Frieda von der Schwedenfestung SCHH 3, LGA Kkl 1.  Frieda is again a very strong working bitch who shows great drives, nerve and who has a very serious side to her work.  She is a bitch that has produced exceptionally and this Karn litter is one well known in Europe.  Cleo's siblings are doing exceptionally well is their working endevours.  Frieda was recently mated to Kliff vom Erlenbusch SCHH3 Kkl2 (the stud we have used over Cleo) and has produced some truly promising offspring.