Chinoir Classic Avenger AKA "Starger" is a dog that will need few introductions.  Starger was owned by David Smidke of "K-9 Dog Training" and has gone down in history as one of the great working dogs of our time.  His pedigree is packed full of some of the greatest Rottweilers ever seen throughout the world.  He was further responsible for producing some of the strongest offspring we have seen in Australia.  A number of very successful breeders have based a large portion of their breeding program upon this dog.  Starger is one of best dogs I have ever had the pleasure to see and work.  He was equally successful both in the show ring as he was on the working field.  His hold and bark is one of legend.  He was the very personification of power but also showed great calmness of temperament in even the most stressful of situations. We have frozen semen stored from Starger which we intend to use in the not to distant future.