As it is obvious to see Aisa is one of our Danish Imports.  She is a very drivey bitch (extremely drivey) that has fantastic boning, and great conformation.  She is very strong in the back, hips etc.  As it says at the top she is also an BHP 111 titled bitch.  It is a rare thing in Australia to find such a titled bitch.  One look at Aisa's pedigree below shows the quality of stock she has come from.  Names like Tom, Querry, Vampire, Alf, Garbo, Lord, Falko and Troll are scattered right through her pedigree not to mention the number of SchH3 titled bitches that exist within her lines.  Aisa since she has been here has shown incredible nerve taking the whole process in her stride, barely showing a concern about the massive change in her environment.  Due to being pregnant we have not as yet worked Aisa but early impressions show some great strength including great natural territorialness.  

As mentioned above Aisa also came to us Pregnant to the world famous Hjalte von der Königswiese PH, PH-P, PH-K, PH-V AK1.  Hjalte is a V rated European Police Dog Trailed Dog.  He is known to be an extremely serious dog though due to being a police dog hasn't had many litters.  We are one of the first to have used him after his retirement from the Poilice Service.  We have high hopes for this litter.  You can find his pedigree here  

Aisa's five generation pedigree can be found below.  The photos below are of Aisa whilst she is in the Melbourne Quarantine station.  I will have more photos soon.