Welcome to the website of Von Zane Kennels.  We are the breeders of working German Shepherd Dogs and working Rottweilers located in Victoria Australia.  We seek to breed for the highest quality in each and every litter we produce.  We bred for dogs capable of the highest levels of service work including police service work, Military, private security and family protection combining both the correct temperament and physical structure for such work.  Please use the links above to see our dogs and what we breed for etc.   We believe both these breeds should be sound in both temperament and structure above all else.  They should be high intelligent, trainable, extremely confident making them capable of everything from the highest levels of service to family pets.

Von Zane Kennels was founded in 1998 with a sole aim of producing the highest quality working German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers possible. We truly believe that the working temperament of both these great breeds is being lost and with it the stability both these breeds were once known for. We realised that without some serious action on the part of a select group of breeders the once stable, strong temperaments these breeds were known for will soon be lost. So to this end we took it upon ourselves to breed a dog we truly believe to be capable of working in the real world as well as being a sound pet. We have sought to breed dogs that have the correct genetics that will make them capable of this type of work both in temperament and structural soundness. Dogs that can be good with the family, calm in even the most stressful of situations and be strong enough to deal with a situation if it is required. Further to this we seek to breed a genetically sound and healthy dog that can handle the rigours of life as a working dog.  To this end we screen all ours dogs for health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia as well as having extensive guarantees regarding genetic health issues as well as temperament. 

Getting a puppy from us?   To get a puppy from us the best thing to do is give us a call on 0402542303 or email us with a description of what you are seeking to we can discuss the likelihood of us having something that will suit you.  At present we only take expressions of interest in our litters as we seek to match the owners and dogs to each other as much as possible.  To this end all pups are temperament tested at approximately 6 weeks of age to determine temperament and whether they will suit a working home, family guardian or pure pet home and then we seek to match each pup to the correct home. We do not accept deposits any longer as we don't know what each litter will produce until they are tested.

Our Puppy Guarantee.  We have a life time replacement guarantee on all our pups. We guarantee all pups against congenital health problems including Hip and Elbow problems as well as guaranteeing the temperament of all the pups we produce.  We do this both to protect you the puppy purchaser but also so that we do not see any Von Zane dogs in shelter environments.  We have had very good success with producing healthy, sound temperamented dogs.  Many of our dogs are healthy and still working well past ten years of age, with the vast majority living well into their mid teen years.  Feel free to call us and talk further regarding our health clearances and our Guarantees.  Please note we no longer guarantee dogs once they have been de-sexed (spayed or neutered) due to recent research and the effects of such procedures on the health of dogs.  If you would like to know more on this please feel free to email us.


Whilst many of our pups will go out on Limited Registration we are happy to help others who are seeking to breed working dogs and are happy to help assist them up in this endeavour.  We also make ourselves available to all our customers regarding all breeding information including what mating's to do next etc, however if this is your intention please make us aware of this early so that we can give you the best chance of being successful in this endeavour.  Please be aware however if this is your endeavour that is is not easy and will require a huge amount of work on your behave if you are to be successful in it.